Complete Automotive Repair in Barre, VT

Auto Repair
Give new life to your old or damaged vehicle with auto repair from Routhier Quick Lube & Auto Center in Barre, Vermont. Using state-of-the-art tools and proven products, we restore your auto's appearance and performance.
From brakes, struts, exhaust, tune-ups, and wheel bearings to complete motor work... we do it all!
Stop in or call us for an estimate for your vehicle.

Mechanical Services
  • Vermont State Inspections (PASS OR FAIL) - $60.00
  • Transmission Flush - $119.95
  • Coolant Flush - $129.95
  • 4-Tire Change over - 14"-16" $45.00 17"-22" $55.00
(*Vehicles That Are Equipped with TPM Sensors-- $5/Tire Extra)
  • 4-Tire Rotation - $30.00
  • Alignments 2 or 4 wheel- $79.95
  • 4-Tire Rotation w/ Balance - $35.00
  • Tire Disposal - $5/Tire
  • Labor Rate - $65.00/Hour
  • Labor Rate w/ Own Parts - $85.00/Hour

*Minimum of $32.50 (1/2 Hour) for Any Vehicle Diagnostics or Repair Work
Our new undercoating provides eco-friendly, nontoxic, non-hazardous, and long-lasting protection! This product penetrates to the base metal and will not dry, crack, or wash off. This service provides 8-12 months of protection in most winter environments. This will not drip on your driveway or garage floors making unsightly stains.

SMALL- $125.00
MEDIUM- $150.00
LARGE- $175.00

SMALL- $50.00
MEDIUM $65.00
LARGE- $75.00