Preventative Oil Change & Quick Lube

Help your car operate efficiently with an oil change and quick lube from our shop in Barre, Vermont. At Routhier Quick Lube & Auto Center, we go beyond the normal oil change service. This is how we help maintain your vehicle and prevent a variety of mechanical problems.
No appointment needed- first come, first serve!
Oil & Filter
All oil changes include fluid top offs along with checks of belts, hoses, and air filter. Some vehicle oil filters may come with an added cost. Vehicles that take more quarts vary in price.
Syntec™ Blend - (up to 5 Qt.) $29.95
  • Protection against Harmful Engine Deposits
  • Additional Stability & Protection against Thermal Breakdown Compared to Conventional Oils
  • Provides Superior Short-Trip Protection
Castrol® Full Synthetic (up to 5 Qt.) $69.95
  • Delivers Stability & Endurance under Extreme Conditions That Cause Conventional Oils to Break Down
  • Has Additives That Neutralize Corrosive Particles, Preventing Them from Grouping Together & Forming Sludge
Castrol High Mileage- (up to 5 Qt.) $45.95
  • Provides Superior Protection against Oil Burn-off
  • Contains Seal Conditioners to Help Reduce Oil Leakage
  • Helps Extend Engine Life in High Mileage Vehicles
Mobil 1™ Full Synthetic (up to 5 Qt.) $79.95
  • Outstanding Wear Protection & Engine Cleanliness
  • Excellent High & Low Temperature Performance
Contact us for maintenance services that protect your engine and other vital parts from damage. 802-622-0080